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McLaren Toronto

Sports Series MSO Titanium Exhaust

Available now for immediate install at McLaren Toronto, the MSO Titanium exhaust for Sports Series with High Gloss Black Tailpipe Finisher. *heat shields may not be as photographed

$9500.00 INSTALLED + tax

The Pinnacle of the exhaust options available for the Sports Series range, the SuperSports Exhaust offers even further enhancement over the optional Sports Exhaust, including:

  • Constructed from titanium, the complete system is 6.6kg lighter than the Sports Exhaust and over 7kg lighter than the Standard Exhaust
  • Richer, more emotive sound due to the 'straight-through' design, the SuperSports Exhaust is 5dB louder than the optional Sports Exhaust which is most notable over 5000rpm and ensures everyday usability is maintained 
  • Choice of tailpipe finisher: Polished Silver or High Gloss Black, both new finishers are applied with Nanotechnology coating to ensure their finish always remains at its optimum
  • Fits all Sports Series models: 540C, 570S, 570GT & 570S Spider*

*Not applicable for Spider models with optional Sports Exhaust


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Date Posted: April 17, 2018

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